Culver High and Pomona College

Young advocates are awesome…I recently met several awesome students from Culver City High and Pomona College. I really enjoyed the Confident City Cycling Class taught by Sustainable Streets; I felt more grounded and aware (after a recent collision) riding after the course. The youngest participants were two girls responsible for their high school bicycle club. A few days later I interviewed the Green Bikes Staff at Pomona College. Green Bikes has an amazing bike share program. Please listen to the podcast for more details.

Most recent show; the theme is “Bikeshare”.112611

Theme of this episode is BikeShare! I looked at bike share programs in a variety of shapes and sizes. I spoke with Eric Gilliland of Capital BikeShare, Parry Burnap of Denver B-Cycle and a great group of students who operate Pomona College’s Green Bikes. We love to hear from Robin B. of Pedal Chic too. Go Spartanburg with a tiny local bikesharing program. I love this! (And Please forgive the technical snaffus from todays show.)