January Show – Bike Literature!

Theme of this show is Bike Literature 012812.

Featuring Dominic Gill, author and adventurer. Author of a book I totally recommend, Take A Seat. I spoke with Dominic and his partner and lady-friend Nadia about their work together. They have now taken some version of this bike-journalism-adventure three times. We talk about bikes, motivation and what they hope to do next. All trips are drastically different and very enjoyable, you can follow them on facebook and twitter, look for the facebook group called Inclusive Adventure for recent updates.

Another lad (sorry, couldn’t resist) James of Boneshaker Magazine and I spoke about what goes into producing this always-beautiful magazine (it’s really more of a book though). The mag stems from a ‘zine perspective and it is lovely to hold in your hands. The content and illustrations are always varied and really well-done. Get one, really. You wont be let down and if you are I’ll buy it from you. You can find out more about Boneshaker here.  (James, hopefully one day we can do an interview in a bar together and not on the rascal-like tely!).Thank you Nadia, Dominic and James. 

Please forgive the technical issues with the recordings, we had to start each of these interviews two times.

Preview to January show!

I interviewed this wonderful, talented and inspiring couple – author / athlete Dominic Gill and Nadia Boctor. Dominic wrote the book, Take a Seat after riding his tandem bike from Alaska to Argentina looking to fill the empty stoker seat for the entire ride.The two have since gone on to ride across America and Egypt, sharing the journey with more remarkable people. You can find all sorts of links here about their amazing projects.