MeandLuSummerSt4Bikes Empower People & Bikes are FUN…My name is April Lemly. I like to ride my bike in a dress; I also like to wear stretchy pants and go the long distance! My mission: I’m an artist, an activist and an athlete and I’m making the world a better place. My goal with the show is to celebrate woman & cycling. Yes, that means I may interview men, elephants, heck, even women who have yet to fall in love with a bicycle.

I like to ride a bike period…I LOVE to ride in the dirt, but I also commute by bike and more. I do lots of things: I am a graphic designer, an illustrator, a radio show producer — in 2013 I will design jerseys for the ladies. I am inspired by telling the stories of everyday people I meet – who are doing extraordinary things.

I fell in love with seeing the world by bike as a young girl. My dad and I camped the hills of New Mexico with me on the back of his touring bike. RIDES: SOMA Buena Vista. CANNONDALE Jekyll 600. SCHWINN Breeze. Have fun out there!

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