Road Bike Action – December 2012. Spokeswomen appeared in a piece by Raelynn Miley of Women Cyclist  and La Bella Preme. (please see events section). photo

The Atlantic Cities Article. October 2012. We Won’t Get More Women on Bikes Until We Have Stores That Cater to Them.

Bicycle Retailer Article. June 26, 2012. “Ladies Happy Hour Returns to Interbike 2012″ by Marisa Shimano. Robin Bylenga and I started Spokeswomen US; you can get a sneak peak by clicking the link above.

The BirdWheel. October 25, 2011. Thank you Nona Varnado. Link. A blog featuring women cyclists of all sorts.

San Francisco Examiner. September 2011. Our very humble kickoff event was honored by the SF Examiner (online) by Paul Skilbeck of O2 Active Marketing.











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