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CHICKS ON BIKES SHOW – OCTOBER 2012  … Events! What a great lineup: I interviewed several people: Barb Chamberlain about The National Women’s Bicycle Summit; Raelynn Miley about La Bella Preme; Sue Denim about our wonderful theme song and a post show interview with Charles Youel of ArtCrank on ArtCrank!

CHICKS ON BIKES SHOW – AUGUST 2012 Four Awesome Ladies Take on 1 Cool Topic … Bike Overnights

Last month I interviewed 4 incredible women in the topic of Bike Overnights. I interviewed author Ellee Thalheimer, about her awesome book Cycling Sojourner and all facets of Oregonian touring. I also spoke with Jordana Barrak, one of the muses behind The Belle Starrs gang put of Fort Collins, Colorado. Jordana rode cruiser from Milwaukee to Chicago this summer. I also spoke with Catherine Caparello of Girl Eats Bike about what the bike means to her and tour dreams. The final interviewee is Taryn Kama of Go Get It Gal; Taryn has launched a new business for wild at heart cyclists. One of her ventures includes overnight cycling trips to the Alps. The entire show is in iTunes as are the individual interviews.

CHICKS ON BIKES SHOW 123111 – Theme is “Bikeable Cities”. I knew when I picked this theme that I really wanted to talk to someone in the know from my home state of California. That turned out to be the always wonderful Jim Brown of the California Bicycle Coalition. Jim and had the pleasure of meeting at the Alliance for Biking and Walking’s Winning Campaigns workshop last fall and at the California Bike Summit.

We also get a great check in from our South East correspondent Robin Bylenga of Pedal Chic and from Jamila Gaskins of Project One.

It was also key that I get some folks on the line to talk about Minneapolis’s bike scene, that is alive and prospering. Charles Youel of ArtCrank introduced me to Minneapolis Bike Love, Bjorn Christianson and 30 Days of Biking, Patrick Stephenson. We discuss indoor winter culture and other factors that contribute to the unique Minneapolis vibe.

CHICKS ON BIKES SHOW 112611 – Theme is “BikeShare”. Theme of this episode is BikeShare! I looked at bike share programs in a variety of shapes and sizes. I spoke with Eric Gilliland of Capital BikeShare, Parry Burnap of Denver B-Cycle and a great group of students who operate Pomona College’s Green Bikes. We love to hear from Robin B. of Pedal Chic too. Go Spartanburg with a tiny local bikesharing program. I love this! (And Please forgive the technical snaffus from todays show.)

CHICKS ON BIKES SHOW ON KILLRADIO 102911 – Theme is “Cool Product”. My in-studio guest and co-host is Allison Copeland from Sport Eve (Culver City, CA). We chat with Martha of Action Wipes (California), Lanette of Cycle Dog (Portland, OR), Nona Varnado of Performance Fashion (New York) and Robin Bylenga of Pedal Chic. The first clip is with Joanie Park, of CHROME SF…we spoke a few weeks ago.

All cool products indeed. All cool women; all are making a difference – for people and the planet.


CHICKS ON BIKES SHOW ON KILLRADIO – 092411. The theme of this show is Art & Interbike. Join the chat as we talk to Charles Youel of ARTCRANK, Alexis Finch of TYK (Thought You Knew) Pin Ups and Robin Bylenga of Pedal Chic. My in studio guest & co-host was the lovely Jamila Gaskins of Project One.

CHICKS ON BIKES SHOW ON KILLRADIO – 082711. The theme of this show is Partners.

  1. An awesome interview co-hosted with Tess Lotta of Bici Chica. Guests are: Kelly Marie Martin & Jen Hofer. Kelly Marie Martin is a multi-genre artist and founding member and “Cook” of the Bicycle Kitchen, as well as a member of The City of Angels Ladies’ Bicycling Association (a.k.a. The Whirly Girls). Jen Hofer is a poet, translator, social justice interpreter, teacher, knitter, book-maker, and public letter-writer, as well as a member/co-founder of The City of Angels Ladies’ Bicycling Association (a.k.a. The Whirly Girls).
  2. East Coast Correspondent Robin Bylenga of Pedal Chic. Robin discusses the benefits of partnering. A link to High Cadence Coffee and what they are all about and more.
  3. Calendar and book review by yours truly of Take A Seat, by Dominic Gill. TIDBIT: Dominic rides a tandem from Alaska to Argentina on a tandem, making friends to fill his stoker seat.

CHICKS ON BIKES SHOW ON KILLRADIO – 073011. The theme of this show was: “People I Admire.”

1. Rebecca Rusch pro mountain biker, 3X Leadville 100 winner, endurance athlete and all-around awesome lady…is the main interview of this show!

2. Jenn Tomlinson, Owner of Pedal Panties & our Nor Cal correspondent. checks in from the Bay Area. Robin Bylenga owner of Pedal Chic & our east coast correspondent, calls in from Greenville.

CHICKS ON BIKES SHOW ON KILLRADIO – 062511. The theme of this show was: “It’s Amazing What the Body Can Do.”

The theme of this show is: It’s Amazing What the Body Can Do!
The guests on this show are:
1. Dana Johnson. Student and photographer. Recent victim of a group hit & run in Culver City, CA. by a drunk driver.
2. Judy Wexler. Scientist, student and bike racer. 1 woman wonder involved with human-powered flight. Judy pedals to power a lightweight helicopter.
3. Michelle Appel. Long distance cyclist – she just completed a 2800 mile ride across the USA.

CHICKS ON BIKES SHOW ON KILLRADIO – 052811. There is no theme, just great guests. 

1. Talk to my FAV female wrencher, Leticia Zevala. Leticia works at The Flying Pigeon Bike Shop
2. Main interview with Peter Zheutlin, author if “Annie Londonderry – Around the World on Two Wheels”. A talk with him as he chronicles his relative Annie, as the first woman to ride around the world on two wheels.
3. Larissa. Student and commuter. Bike Beats Car Campaign. Urban commutes are faster by bike!
4. Aurisha. Musician and rider. Former LACBC employee and rider, active in supporting women riding.

CHICKS ON BIKES SHOW ON KILLRADIO – 043011. There is no theme, just great guests. Day 1 – featuring Jenn Tomlinson & Tess Lotta.

Podcast linked here soon.

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