I interviewed Marie Ullrich and Kathryn Henderson – the two wizzes behind the yet-to-be produced film, The Alley Cat. A Marie Ullrich film produced by Kathryn Henderson, the film is now in pre-production. Hopefully the first in a series of interviews, this one was to generate buzz for their kickstarter campaign. The film focuses on a strong female lead, a character Ullrich continues to develop who also appears in another film by the duo called, Faster.  Due to an angel investor, The Alley Cat is now coming to life. The film needs you, please follow the Facebook page for more updates. You can donate here.

I cant say enough good things about this true gem of a magazine. It’s more of a book really. It stems from a ‘zine POV and is lovely to hold in your hands. James from BoneShaker Magazine and I talk about the magazine and how it celebrates cycling, the magazine growth process and more.

A lovely interview to kick off 2012! I chat with Dominic Gill, author of Take A Seat, and his partner / girlfriend Nadia Boctor about cycling, advocacy and how they are actively making a difference in the world.

I chat with a hero and true pioneer in the cycling industry, Georgena Terry. We discuss: industry culture and changes, her original bike design and how it translates into the mission of Terry Bicycles over the last 2.5 decades. Of course we chatted about bike ride happiness too!

A recent interview for the Bike Talk show. I pitched in to speak with Matt and Michael of New Belgium Brewing’s bike festival, Tour De Fat. Why do bikes go with beer, what kind of costume does your alter ego wear? How come people in LA tend to not carpool? If you’ve never been, please make it a priority next summer. Perhaps take some people who dont love bicycles just yet, they will after…for sure.

Stephen Hackett, ProTriathlete sponsored by Jamis Bikes.  Talks to us about what it takes and what it all means to him. Robin Bylenga of Pedal Chic (and our East Coast correspondent) arranges the interview and starts of the call.

What does it mean to become a new olympic distance triathlete and fall in love with the bike through that process? Here is a lovely interview with Michelle Webster. Michelle has a big heart and a lovely spirit, she always cheers…

Short and sweet interview with Raelynn Milley of Women Cyclist  from Interbike 2011. We talked about: Her recent trip with the Specialized Team, The Right to Play and her life in the world of cycling.

Jamila Gaskins. Project One – The Movie. In 2013 Jamila will ride her bike 12,000 miles around the US for women’s health and HIV.

Nick Richert, Bike Talk Host and Producer interviews me about mentoring for Ciclavia and T2

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