Pedal Chic A women’s specific bike store and empowerment center in Greenville, SC!

Pedal Panties  A girl’s gotta have ‘em.

Terry Bicycles  Women, inspiration and great product.

Rebecca Rusch GRACE & POWER

The Belle Starrs  Mothership of the Colorado-based girls riding gang lead by Jordana Barack.

Action Wipes Your bod is not a baby’s butt.

Women Cyclist  Coach, rider and writer – Raelynn is a true inspiration.

Nona Varnado  Performance Fashion and The Bird Wheel Online magazine.

Bici Chica  Great tees and tool bags

Alliance for Biking and Walking – Great folks, many grass roots orgs getting together.

Art Crank Roving Bike Poster Party. What a lovely island of expression and radness.

Minneapolis Bike Love - From powdercoating to alleycats. A great forum, knowledge for all.

30 Days of Biking Global ride.

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